In nonprofit communications, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. KCDRM takes a personal approach and works with each client differently. For some, we serve as an outsourced marketing director, handling every marketing task imaginable. For others we handle only a specific task—direct mail or email marketing or social media. For others, we work short-term on an individual campaign. We’ve worked with some clients for more than ten years, while others have hired us for a single week to audit a particular marketing strategy.

No matter how we work with you, we’ll work to generate results you can measure. Because we specialize in nonprofit communications, we are experts in navigating internal communication with board members, staff and other stakeholders. We share the passion of those who work with mission-based organizations, and are honored to be a partner in their success stories.

Tom LancasterTom Lancaster, a direct response marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience, founded KCDRM in 2005.

During his career, he has created successful direct mail campaigns, implemented award-winning electronic marketing efforts, designed databases and created dynamic marketing plans.

As a consultant, he has helped marketers significantly raise response rates, more accurately track results and realize immediate sales and fundraising results. His direct response experience runs the gamut from print to electronic to social media.

Two dogs, while not on the payroll, are often in the office.