Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and nowhere is this trend more evident than on social media. People on Facebook (and Twitter, and Instagram) are tired, busy, bored, hungry and utterly bombarded with a wall of chatter from friends, acquaintances and brands. They don’t have more than a few seconds to glimpse a message, mentally shrug, and move on. Nonprofits need to use every means at their disposal to catch people’s attention, and draw them in.

The length of your social media post drastically affects the engagement of users. This is true of plain status updates, as well as text accompanying photos, videos and links.

Shorter messages show a significant increase in response levels.

post length

Writing a short post is no guarantee of success. Nor is a long post destined to fail. It is also true that the benefit of succinct posting varies from brand to brand, depending on many factors such as the nature of their organization and the attitude of their audience. However: post length is amongst the most consistent factors that we see having an impact on engagement levels across the board.