Web design

Website Design

  • Seamlessly integrated third-party ticketing, event management, donation and shopping cart tools
  • Increased traffic to an average of 1,600 users per month
  • Doubled pages viewed per session and average session duration


Live site

Email marketingEmail Marketing

  • Replaced print newsletter with electronic newsletter providing superior tracking capabilities while reducing print/postage costs by $7,500 annually
  • Grew email list to more than 9,500 opt-in recipients
  • Maintained an average 38% open rate and 24% click-through rate

E-newsletter sample

Email ad sample

Social media strategySocial Media

  • Launched Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter profiles
  • Grew Facebook presence to 3,800 engaged followers with minimal investment
  • Created relevant content with individual posts regularly reaching 15,000+ users
  • Used strategic paid placement to gain more than 50,000 views of selected content
  • Created online advertising with a high relevance score and targeted audience, making ads less expensive to deliver
  • Reached more than a million video views on YouTube

Social media video content samples

Social media content developmentThe Results

  • Increased concert attendance by 23%
  • Increased total ticket revenue by 37% (a $15,000 increase in the first season alone)
  • Increased revenue-per-seat by 34%
  • Reduced marketing cost-per-sale by 48.5%
  • Averaged concert attendance greater than 90%