Facebook’s EdgeRank makes it increasingly difficult for your content to be seen. The key to maximizing content? Make it as relevant as possible, and constantly vary the type of content you post

We’ll talk about relevance in a future post, but for now, let’s examine the types of content. Use the checklist below as a guide to varying your content. Review your last month of Facebook posts. Do you have at least one post that fits each of the items on the checklist?

Mix it up!

  • A plain (text-only) status update
  • A plain (text-only) status update including a question
  • A photo with no caption
  • A photo with a caption
  • A photo with a link in the caption
  • A link to an external site, with no other text
  • A status update containing a link
  • An uploaded video

Consecutive posts of the same type will start to have a smaller and smaller organic reach. Varying the types of content you post will help your content reach a larger audience, without having to spend as much money to promote your posts.